Your word from Spirit on a bracelet!

Just released

Just released! When you have a phone or in person reading, you can ask for a word from Spirit (the Universe/God) that captures what message they are sending to you at that moment. This word will be kept a surprise until you receive it in the mail. I will then create you a bracelet with your "word" so you can hold on to this special connection. The bracelets are black with either a silver or gold token. It is best if you add this option along with your reading, however feel free to come back to order at a later date as well. The word from each reading will be recorded so I can easily create one. Note: You can also order these if you chat with me at an intuitive party as well. I'm trying to keep the pricing LOW on these and make them around cost. Because of the cost of shipping, I'm charging a weird amount, but it's to avoid over-charging.


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