Vulnerability & After Effects of A Reading

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22 Apr

I started a Podcast last week called, "The Normal Intuitive" where, (like this blog) I dispell the myths of psychics and challenge predisposed notions about psychic ability. Today I recorded a podcast titled, "Vulnerability & [the] After Effects of A Reading." It was inspired by a reading I did on Friday night and the recommendation my client left this morning on my Facebook page

J wrote about how peaceful she was feeling, and based on how she wrote. It appeared to be unexpected. The stereotypical "psychic reading" is full of laughs and visions of a future with a dark-haired stranger or a job change. Rarely are "psychics" concrete about anything. It is their vagueness that challenges you to decide whether to believe or disbelieve, and also makes it easier for the psychic in question to take your money and walk away. They won't follow up with you regarding the reading they gave you because quite frankly, they don't generally care. Their only job is to make you question if they are genuinely getting messages about the future just enough to pay them. 

Forgive me for my sarcastic view, and it is not always the case. However, I have found that by using "mystical tools" psychics can continue the mystery and you are left guessing what it is that you can't see in their crystal ball, tarot cards, etc. 

When you receive a reading from an authentic psychic medium, they won't need to grandstand. They will receive messages from God and give you those messages. Sometimes they will be pleasant, other times they will not, but they will always be clear, and the words will still make sense to you. 

The experience that J received after reading is what you should expect- a release from the pain and judgment you have been holding onto, and a feeling of peace looking forward. J is no longer stuck in the past, and she is holding her head up high as she walks, a light moving into the future. 

Sometimes we are afraid of the messages we might receive, and while we feel willing to have a reading by a psychic medium, we are not ready to let go of our pain or our armor that have carried around for so long. This is where vulnerability comes in. We must allow ourselves to open up to whatever the Universe/God wants us to know, and that can be a scary proposition. Like a dog rolling onto her back to have her belly scratched, allowing yourself to be vulnerable requires your most tender emotions to be open to evaluation. By trusting your psychic medium (in this case, me) with your innermost thoughts and experiences, you allow true healing to occur- but you must trust me with memories that are often full of pain and negativity. 

It is only with sincere trust in the person guiding you through the experience can you let go of the control and let God. By allowing God to speak through me and hearing those words, faith is also built upon. The belief in not only a higher power but a life after this one allows us not to be so fearful of "time running out," but happy reunions with loved ones after this journey is finished.

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