Truth and honesty from an Intuitive

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20 Feb

This morning a good friend called me to tell me she had checked out my website for and my Facebook page. She said they were really good, and she could tell that I was putting my whole self into this. I appreciated her feedback, and she was spot on. I AM putting my whole self into this. 

She went on to say that she hoped I would respect her decision to not "like" my Facebook page because she "wasn't there yet" in her thoughts on intuitives or psychics. She had "grown up catholic" and was "taught to avoid all of the stuff" I was now "putting out there." She didn't say it harshly, nor did I take it so. Her and I have always had the kind of friendship that stems from understanding. We don't often have the same point of view, but we both work to see the others. I appreciate that she understood herself enough to know that she wasn't ready. Yet, she still was able to give me objective feedback. For the record, I don't hold it against her, and I do respect her decision to stay at an arms length. It's okay. It made me wonder though, how many of us are holding back because of preconceived notions and not realize it, as my friend does?

What do you hesitate to do because of what you "think" it is? Maybe you've never tried Indian food because you have heard it's too spicy, or maybe you won't turn on NPR because you've heard it slants too far to the left. Whatever your preconceived notion, it stems from somewhere. 

I had a therapy session yesterday, and my therapist talked about how fear stops people from venturing out of their comfort zones. "For whatever reason," she said "people become comfortable in their set beliefs. When those beliefs are challenged, they become frightened"

 It would be easy to relate this to the current political climate, but I won't. This is a political-free zone on my blog and my site. It's a safe space for everyone, regardless of political or religious belief; regardless of what you were raised thinking or feeling; regardless of your gender or lack of one; regardless of who you choose to sleep with or if you choose to sleep with no one. This is a space where you won't be judged, ever. I promise. 

I didn't realize the extent that I would be challenging people's beliefs simply by creating this website or Facebook page. I thought that because I was coming from a good, honest, place wanting to help people, people would let that judgement of me slide. I didn't think about the people close to me and the fear it would cause in their hearts and minds, simply because I was being open with what was going on in mine. 

I never wanted to hurt anyone, but yet I feel as though I've offended people simply by being honest. What an interesting concept- the idea that someone with good intentions could actually do unintentional harm. It happens all of the time and to all of us at some point. 

Starting this project, I was tired of hurting myself by being dishonest. I was causing myself more harm ignoring such a huge side of myself, that I needed to open it up. In doing so, I have an opportunity to help people. At the same time though, I have made others feel uncomfortable because of what they don't understand. 

I don't want to fix the world, that's not my job. But, I do want to make my part of the world a little brighter. If I can help other's lights shine, then it can spread- just like the beautiful spider web I described yesterday.

 Unfortunately, there are many out there that claim to have abilities. They read your palm, they pull out tarrot cards, and they take your money. They tell you they can reverse spells, throw the phrase "soul mates" out like confetti, and take advantage of those that truly need light. They pray on people that are sad, that just had their kids taken away or just got a horrible diagnosis. Instead of showing them grace, these charlatans tell them if they only pay them, they can make it all go away. They frankly act like God, and that is truly and utterly insulting. So here's what I won't do. It's not a comprehensive list, but it's from my heart.

I will never

Read your palm. It doesn't tell me anything except if you moisturize.

Pull out tarrot cards. (Remember when I talked about psychics needing to give people a visual to add to the mystery? This is what I'm talking about.)

Tell you you have a curse on you

Tell you I can take a curse away

Use the word "luck" (either Good or Bad) in any way besides as joking manner. We put power into the word, that's all.

I will never give you oil that has been blessed. That's from priests, and you put the power in the oil by the meaning of it. 

Take advantage of you for money. I'm a stay at home mom, and without going into specifics, my family does okay enough that we are able to take vacations. 

Tell you to buy anything unless I am directly receiving the information from Spirit. In that case it will be, "you should think about this" or "this might help you" but it is NEVER an absolute. 

Tell you to buy me anything. Although, I do like chocolate. 

Tell you I'm 100% correct all of the time. Only God has that power, and as I've said before- everything is fluid. Just because I tell you "8 months" doesn't mean it won't happen in 4 or 18. 

Give you just a "yes" or "no" answer if you ask me a question. Unless it's a "strong yes" or "no" and then I will say it, then explain further what I am getting. 

Tell you someone is in hell or that there is a hell

 I promise you I WILL ALWAYS

Tell you the truth about what I feel or see. This is not always the answer you want, but it's the answer you need. 

Admit if I hear something wrong

Admit if I am unable to sense what you are asking

Admit if I can't connect with the Spirit you are asking me to connect with

Tell you if I feel blocked, or if I've had a glass of wine and can I get back to you tomorrow?

Tell you if I am feeling like I need more time with you- i.e. if I feel like you need a phone reading, or if you could book another question an answer. This comes from Spirit, and is also respectful of the time it will take. 

Tell you if something is unclear. (Different than totally unable to sense.)

Tell you if Spirit is telling me you are not supposed to know this now. (It's happened.)

Give you respect and grace for whatever it is that you are going through or curious about.

Never repeat what we speak about. (This is a covenant I have with God. I couldn't break it if I tried. The words literally cannot leave my mouth.)

Give you all of the time you deserve and need.

Answer your question fully. 

In return, to have a successful reading or question answered, I ask that you do the following for me:

Have an open mind towards the experience and the answer you may receive. Understanding that it may not be what you want to hear.

Let go of any preconceived notions of what you think a psychic or intuitive is like. I promise you, whatever you think one is like, I'm not. 

Be respectful of my time  Sometimes, I'm not going to be able to get back to you right away. I need to watch the Bachelor to re-charge or my husband has told me to "put the phone down" 

Be respectful of my abilities. Sometimes, I can't give you exactly what you are asking me for. Or I get something else that has nothing to do with what you're asking. It's frustrating for both of us when that happens, but it does happen. Accept it. Write it down. You'll be surprised when what I said pops up in your life. 

Understand that I am 100% human. I make mistakes. I get details wrong. 

If you have a great reading or question answered, recommend me on Facebook and to your friends! I have a fun code to give you when you book with me, and if you refer people to me, you can get questions answered or even a free reading. 

Lastly, give me the benefit of the doubt. I promise you, I'm never trying to pull one over on you or fake ANYTHING. 

I understand that for some of you reading this, the concept of having an open communication with the Universe is scary and frightening. It was scary for me too, at first. I thought I was crazy for a long time. But, then I looked inside myself and saw that what I thought was frightening, was beautiful. I am grateful to be able to talk to those that have passed on (for whatever reason, many that pass on seem to have a fantastic sense of humor.) I am grateful every time I receive a message for someone. I owe all of this to God, and while I am not especially religious, there is no doubt in my mind where my messages comes from. 

Fear comes from not being able to understand the unknown. I wish I could make a video inside my head to show you exactly which synapses are going off when I am communicating, or show you the very long list of people whose lives have been touched by communication I have received. It is not for me to judge why someone will choose to believe or disbelieve in my abilities. There is a level of faith and trust that must go into the experience in order for you to receive what you are looking for. However I promise you, the light that comes from clarity from a reading or question and answer is worth it. There is a peace that fills your heart, once filled with fear. 

I once was filled with fear, too. Then one day, I looked around, and saw how much fear was blocking me from life. Don't let fear block you from living yours.

With love,


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