This crazy psychic thing I do.

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26 Feb

The chill is back in the air, and even though the sun is rising earlier, Winter is not releasing her grip just yet. That's okay, we all still have work to do. 

Winter is about putting in the hard work in yourself so that in Spring and Summer you can renew, celebrate, and give thanks. First, we have to get there, and these roads we are walking are not easy. It doesn't help when you can't see in front of you. There are holes to avoid, roots to pick your feet over. When you really start working on yourself, it's scary what's in front of you. 

That's how it felt for me for a long, long, time with this psychic ability. I didn't know where I was going, I didn't understand what was happening in my head, and I felt no one was guiding me. I (and others around me) assumed that I was crazy. I took lots of anti-depressants and antipsychotics from the time I was eight years old. It wasn't until I turned 18 and moved away from home that I was able to hold up my hand and say, "no more." 

For ten years I was on some of the strongest antipsychotics available in the early-late 90s. It was a dark time for me. Not only did I develop into a teenager and try (try) to participate in normal teenage behavior: dating, etc. But, I was still severely anxious and depressed. Medication was switched around like candy as Doctors tried to pinpoint what was "wrong" with me. It seemed to make me worse. I tried to commit suicide several times. 

I honestly don't know if I would wish this ability to know things, to hear things, to sense things, on anyone. If you grow up in a household that isn't conducive to it, you'll be brainwashed and trained to think that you are in fact, crazy. I've had so many diagnosis thrown on me, and yet it wasn't until a few years ago that I found one therapist, then another, that seemed to be open to who "Nancy" really was. The first one "happened" to be at the right place at the right time, around the time that I lost my second daughter. The second one I've seen for over 3 years now, and while I don't always want to listen to her answers, I have been able to see where my pain has been hidden and heal immensely. 

If you find a therapist you connect with, you can heal from just about anything.

The fear of my ability has lessoned, as well. When it comes to connecting with Spirit, it IS scary hearing someone else's voice in your head. It DOES feel like you're going crazy at first. It generally comes out of nowhere, and all of the sudden my conscious is taking on a twang or an inflection that I DON'T HAVE. The words they are using make NO SENSE to me. They also tend to start having a conversation with the person I'm speaking with AS IF I'M SIMPLY A PHONE LINE. It's as if "Nancy" ceases to exist, and all the Spirit cares about is getting their message across. To be fair, they aren't rude about it. They DO however tend to talk over the person I'm listening to, and will continue to make comments in the background. We might have moved on to another conversation, but the Spirit is still in conversation with us. That tends to happen a lot. But who can blame them? If you passed and all of the sudden you could communicate to your kids, wouldn't you take every opportunity you could? I sure would. So, I'll get the Dad giving us his opinion of tattoos on his daughter (like last Friday) Even though frankly, no one asked him. 

If the Spirit you want to connect with is loud and boisterous in life, expect them to act the same when we communicate with them.

If the Spirit you want to connect with was polite, soft spoken, and patient, expect them to not interrupt, and possibly, a little hard to hear from my end. The loud and boisterous ones always seem to be the easiest to hear (maybe because they make the most noise?)

But, back to my point- IT WAS STILL FREAKING SCARY WHEN IT STARTED HAPPENING TO ME. Even now, it can catch me off guard, and my intellect will step in. "Did I really hear that?" When in fact, I really did. 

So many times, I promise you, I have NO IDEA WHAT I AM SAYING.

When I heard the word "Bear" in my head the other night when I was doing a reading with my new friend K, I didn't know what the hell that meant AT ALL. 

Her ears perked up. "Bear?" "Where?" She said, her voice, now full of urgency..

I got a vision in my head of stairs, a closet, and boxes. So, I said it. I described it as best as I could with what I was seeing. I still had NO IDEA WHO THIS BEAR WAS. WHAT THIS BEAR WAS. WHAT IT MEANT. NADA. All I knew, is I heard her dad say, "Bear" and then give me a vision of where it was. 

Could I have figured out more about this bear by sensing? Sure. If the Spirit (her dad in this case) gave me more information, I could have- but I was only reiterating what he was giving me. THAT'S IT.

I'M BASICALLY A PHONE LINE for SPIRIT AND THE UNIVERSE. If that doesn't make someone feel like they should be institutionalized, then I don't know what would. 

The next day, the bear was found, and K shared the story on the OneQuestionataTime Facebook page and her own, Feel free to scroll down on the Facebook page to see the bear and where it was found (hint: exactly where I told her.) As for the meaning, it's not mine to tell. Needless to say, this bear had been lost a long, long, time, and it was just one more thing to "prove" to K that her dad in fact, was with her. I am grateful I was able to give her that gift, and I am grateful for her dad who in Spirit, has graced me with his presence and I believe is working to ensure his daughter and I are friends (he "likes me" I just heard in my head.) 


Is it weird though, or is it magic? Does each instance like that prove how beautiful the Universe is working in conjunction with everything? 

I've blogged before I enjoy communicating with Spirits more than feeling for answers that people are wondering. People that have passed over usually bring a wonderful, vibrant energy. It fills my whole body and gives me light. On the other hand, questions that are asked are full of emotion. It can be dark, bleak, and the energy is likewise. I have to work through this in my head to find the answer- if I even can sense it. Some things are so in flux I can't give you much of an answer. I can give you a time frame but even as I'm communicating that it could shift. That's how fluid the Universe is. Answers to me come as Spirits do- like a string of conscious, but they don't take on inflections or slang. The answers are usually straight forward, and I sometimes get "pictures" or "images"  of the details that I fill in with my own words and style of speaking or typing. If we are doing a reading and I communicate with Spirit first, a lot of times I like the Spirit to hang on and give their viewpoint of the other questions being asked. This can lead not only to more validity, but a point of view that the person I'm helping needs. It would be one thing for me to answer in my voice, but when Spirit is speaking the answer, they might add phrases on like "when you were little" or "not like last time" Which can aid in helping. 

Do I doubt what I am hearing? I used to. A LOT. (Hence all of the antipsychotics I was on as a teenager.) But now, I've settled into a nice rhythm of trusting whatever it is that I get in my conscious when I am reading someone. The more I do readings and answer questions, the stronger I feel I am able to connect. The more I trust myself, the better quality of "phone call" you'll get with the loved one you so desperately want to connect with. 

My name is Nancy, and I am a psychic medium. Gosh, it still scares me to type that. My breath catches in my throat and my heart rate quickens. I communicate with those that have passed on, and I am able to connect with past events in your life and future ones. I have a unique ability of being able to pinpoint where your pain is coming from. I don't really do the "past life" readings because I prefer to focus on the present life, and healing from this one as much as possible. (I do 100% believe in past lives, however.) 

I come from a family that wasn't too friendly towards me being open, and I'm still convinced they think I'm crazy. That family however, is where my abilities come from. I can map out the psychics and intuitves back four generations. I still completely and utterly fear rejection, and sometimes the abilities themselves- but that's what a good therapist is for. 

I am utterly and completely grateful for the opportunity to help others through my gift of intuition. I am also grateful for each one of you who take the time to read my blog, and have supported me. I feel like I'm creating a new tribe, and this tribe is all-accepting, all loving, and all-light. I'd love to have you join me in my tribe. 

Now that I've broken down how and what I sense in this nice little "informational blog" that I totally wasn't planing on doing, like my Facebook page and book a reading already. I enjoy time away from my kids and answering your questions and doing readings is a great way to do it. I love my kids, I do. But Moms, you understand. Stay warm, and keep working on the path you are walking on. It WILL get easier.

With love,


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