The first time you stumble in the New Year

1 min read
03 Jan

The first time we stumble in a New Year,
it shocks us.😫
"knew better"
"should have..."
"shouldn't have..."
"didn't mean to..."
All of a sudden the high we were riding on πŸ›©
comes in for a crash landing πŸ›¬
The New Year's optimism is dashed with a big dose of reality. πŸ˜³πŸ˜³
When this happens,
think back to your previous path of 2019 and remember,
not every step was joyful or easy.
Getting frustrated with ourselves just makes the
NEXT STEP harder. πŸ‘£
And the next,
and the next....
Allow yourself to stand up and know,
tomorrow is another day,
and another opportunity to be
Learn from the harder steps, πŸ₯ΎπŸ₯Ύ
But don't abandon your travel plans.
There are BIG things in store for YOU this year πŸŒˆ
Expect wonderful things,
and the Universe will deliver them. 🌞

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