The path you are leaving behind

1 min read
30 Dec

My friends, do you see all of those footprints? 🥾
That’s 2019.
That path?
That’s all behind you.
You’ve come A LONG way.
Give yourself credit for each step you have taken.
No matter what has happened this past year-
You’ve made it through.
You’ve grown.
You’ve changed.
And whatever 2020 has in store for you- I promise you, you are ready.
All of those footprints left behind in 2019 prove your resilience and your ability to adapt.
Your doubt is your fear and insecurity speaking.
When your hear it calling you in 2020 (and you know it will)
Remember the footprints you’ve left behind.
They are proof there is no such thing as failure.
Each step is earned.
Each step is forward.
Allow 2019 to stay behind you, and focus your attention forward, toward your next step.
Are you ready to take it?

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