The messages that get us in the right direction

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08 Feb

"Have faith my dear niece" 

Usually when I get a message over and over in my head, it's because I'm supposed to be paying attention to it.  A few years ago, my husband and I were happily living in our rental townhouse when I started getting the feeling we should move. The message didn't make any sense. We lived right next door and across the street from neighbors that had become dear friends of ours. My best friend was a mile away. I ignored the message (I usually do the first couple of times) but it kept coming back- the more persistent, the more I am supposed to be paying attention. Finally I gave in, and looked into the status of the condo we used to live in. It was empty, and ready to be moved in. I consulted my husband. He too, thought I was little nuts, but given that he worked long hours and was barely home, he left the decision in my hands. If he thought we should move and I could figure it all out- we would. Two months later we were back in our old condo. It was closer to my job and because of that, I started spending more time working and socializing. I ended up meeting one of my closet friends to this day- and it turned out we had wonderful new neighbors that became friends. It was the set-up for what would be the most tragic event of my life merely a year later. God knew what they were doing when they were sending me that message. I just had to trust it. 

While the tragedy stands as the most important time I listened to the message, it stands to reason that messages come for a reason. That's why this morning as I poured over how I could improve my webpage, my Instagram, and I felt self-doubt creep in- I stopped when it came to me. 

"What am I doing D?" I asked my Aunt D out loud. My dear Aunt D passed about five years ago. She too, had intuition. She was the first of my family to tell me it was okay to have these abilities, and confirmed it ran in the family. Since she has passed I often speak to her, and more often than not, I hear her or feel her back. I think she loves being apart of my life even in spirit. In life, she always loved being apart of the fun. In spirit, she still does. 

Your loved ones that have passed still actively WANT to be apart of your life. There are common signs- you'll find pennies around. (I once heard another intuitive give a talk and he commented. "Where the heck do they [spirits] get all of this change?" he asked, as everyone laughed.) Feathers are another common find that spirits like to drop. Then there are the more specific signs related to that person. My dear friend A's uncle likes to send cardinals her way. She'll look out the window and find one staring right back at her. I've heard of leftover balloons from parties following people around the house. Whatever it is- when you find a penny, a feather, or see a bird that reminds you of a particular person- thank them for the sign. The more you acknowledge, the more you'll find it happening.

So as I sat at the computer this morning, frustrated and feeling like I was swimming upstream, I opened myself up to whatever wanted to come my way. "What am I doing?!?!" I almost yelled.

"Have faith, my dear niece" I immediately heard back. For a brief second, a feeling of peace washed over me and I could feel my tense body relax. "Have patience" 

It's funny how in situations that you are supposed to be open, you don't notice when you close yourself off. I was so set on getting my website set up, building followers, and pushing this idea that I know is fantastic, that I didn't realize I had closed myself up. My very job will depend on me being open to messages, and yet here I was so set on how something was supposed to go, that I didn't allow it to be. 

Thankfully, I trust my Aunt understands my situation. Because she's in a realm of love, understanding, peace, and happiness, she isn't getting stuck on those negative emotions like I am. She just knows. I joked with her out loud that if she were alive, she'd be joining me in this venture as a consultant. Funnily enough, I feel like she's doing just that, only in spirit.

Who do you feel guides you in your journey? Do you ever get those repeat messages over and over again in your head? 

Whether you feel like others are guiding you are not, trust that there are many, many, guiding you unseen. Listen quietly, and you may be able to hear a message for yourself.

With love,


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