Letters to the Universe and the loved ones that surround us

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02 Mar

I've been down with a bad cold the last couple of days, and to be honest, the break has been good for me. I was able to let go and my mind was able to rest. 

Isn't it funny how it isn't until we are sick that we finally feel relaxed? Our bodies tell us "no more" and we have no choice but to oblige. My mind turned off. I slept deeply. I healed. 

In the middle of being really sick, I had a reading with someone. I literally drove from the doctor's office to meet her. I felt horrible, but I didn't want to let her or myself down. I mentioned that I might not be able to sense as well, but as we sat down and she showed me photos of who she wanted to connect with, my mind easily slipped into the familiar mode. 

The person she connected with was very different than the last person I connected with. This gentleman was respectful, quiet, but ever present. He stood proudly, giving his trademark goofy looks and raised eyebrows. He was obviously very connected to his loved one, but only spoke when spoken to. This isn't to say he was sad. His personality was very much what it was when he was on Earth. (I actually feel odd typing that because he is still ON Earth, just in a different dimension.) This quiet stature gave his loved one comfort. "He was always like that with people he didn't know" she commented. It was an interesting connection, as no person I connect to in Spirit is alike. He wasn't one that would throw signs that he was around- knocks on doors, etc. That wasn't his style. To show he was around he would prefer to flash the lights every once in awhile, but other than that, he liked to just be there, watching. I could tell it was somewhat frustrating for my client. She wanted to feel more of him, but by the end of session she seemed to understand and accept that it wasn't her loved one's way in life, so it wouldn't change now. He  was always there, but in a quiet way.

In a way, entities like this are more frustrating to those they leave behind. Not every soul that passes over wants to disrupt your life to let you know they are around. I remember trying to connect to my Maternal Grandmother when I was a teenager, and not being able to get anywhere. Very rarely, I'd smell cigarette smoke, but that was the only sign I ever received. I questioned my abilities (like I always do.) If I couldn't connect with my Grandmother, how could I connect with anyone else? It took me a long time to realize that it wasn't her style to burst into a room, and we also didn't have that close of a relationship. I wasn't high on her list of people to visit if she decided to pay attention to what was going on here, and I didn't take it personally. 

My Paternal Grandmother was very similar. Quiet. Loyal. Loving. She passed 15 years ago or so, and I never had felt her around until just a few weeks ago. I was downstairs looking through old photos and a note slipped out of a big stack and felt straight up on the ground. It was the last note my grandmother had ever written me, right before she passed. Instantly I felt her, and just for a second. It felt like a big hug. I got the message: She loved me. She was proud of me. Then she was gone. I tried to call her back. "Hey, you want to chat a little bit more?" kind of thing. But, no. That was her style. She was doing a quick check in, and that's all I needed, really. She knew I was doing fine, and I knew she was happy. What more does one need, really? 

If you feel frustrated that you aren't getting a whole lot of signs from your passed loved ones, take heart. It doesn't mean they are in the "bad place" nor does it mean they are floating around somewhere earthbound (ghost.) It just means they are busy enjoying heaven, enjoying not having to go the bathroom or clean the house, and especially if you are doing okay, there isn't really a need to check in. Will they still? Sure. Unseen entities are ALWAYS, ALWAYS around us: working with us, helping us make good decisions, leading us in the right direction. (No, they aren't watching you go to the bathroom, take a shower, have sex, or whatever else you don't want them to see.

Also, think about the kind of person they were in life. Were they the life of the party? You're probably going to hear from them more, because they still really want to be apart of things. If they were the wallflower, or the quiet intellectual, they still come around, but the signs they send will be more subtle, and more "like them."

Entities help behind the scenes in everything we do. 

The last couple of days have been really challenging as a parent. Its hard being sick and still having the energy to manage everything. Last night I reached my breaking point with my oldest. I was feeling overwhelmed and low on patience.  I needed a nice long break from her, I told my husband. My husband disagreed about needing a "long" break, and I ended up having dinner in my room with the door closed and a good book.  Nothing really got resolved last night and I woke up still feeling worn out from an "eight going on eighteen" daughter. I needed a recharge for what was happening and it was clear I wasn't getting it anytime soon. Mid morning, my mother in law called. 

"I was wondering if I could take the kids over Spring break?" She immediately asked when I answered the phone. 

And just like that- I knew the Universe was taking care of me. 

My mother in law deserves most of the credit of course, but I must also honor those who serve us without names. I cannot deny that God was not working to assist me. It was clear. 

We can choose to deny that there are those around us. However when we honor those that we can feel working in or lives, it increases our awareness of them. When we increase our awareness, it increases our own intuition and empathy. If you haven't looked up the definition of "Pronoia" I urge you to look it up now. (There is also a good book you can read about it.) The idea that the Universe is trying to help us in NOT new. Look back to the Ancient Mayans and the fires they burned in honor of the Sun God. They acknowledged those unseen and felt they would be blessed from it. (I understand the Ancient Mayans did a lot of other things as well. I'm just touching on that little point.) 

Part of the reason I decided to come forward with my gift of intuition was that I feel like the idea of the Universe being available to help us and loved ones surrounding us was taboo. I understand to some the thought of people in a different dimension around us is frightening. No one wants to be scared. 

They don't want to scare you

The Universe doesn't "cause" bad things to happen. (Sylvia Browne, the famous psychic was once quoted as saying, "Why does bad stuff happen to good people? Because when bad stuff happens to bad people, do we really care?") 

Your loved ones want nothing more but to tell you that they are happy, safe, and very much alive

The Universe wants you to be the best version of yourself you can be while you're here

Your loved ones will try to communicate with you in any way they think you'll receive it: birds, lights flashing, sounds, random songs that play on the radio, even getting you to watch a tv program. (The other day my son was watching a kids show and I was on my computer. All of the sudden I heard my second daughters name get repeated over and over and over again. I stopped what I was doing and watched in amazement as the main character on the very show my son had picked out was the same name as my daughters. All I could do was smile and thank her. Message received.) 

When your loved one does send a message, even if you just "think" it's them- please acknowledge it. They aren't going to get offended if you think it's Uncle Rick when it's really Grandma Shirley. They don't have egos like we do one Earth. They'll just be happy that you're noticing their message.

Once you notice them, notice how often they come back. Chances are, you'll start noticing "more" out of the ordinary things. 

You can ask them to send you a message. Just simply say out loud (or write a note and leave it randomly on the table) "Please Aunt Chelsea, send me a message that you are around me." You can get as specific as you want. "I'd love it if you send me a red robin" Or just "Send me anything!" 

You can do this with the Universe, too. The other day I was going to an appointment and my daughter asked me to pick up a gift. I said that I wouldn't (I wasn't going anywhere special) but she could always ask the Universe for one, and we would see what happened. While I was gone, I got a phone call from a friend. She was dropping off clothes for my son and would leave them at the door. Sure enough when I got home, there was a bag full of clothes at the doorstep. I brought them in and my daughter got excited... until she realized they weren't for her. The Universe answered her, just not in the way she had originally wanted it to. Lesson learned: be specific in what you ask for from the Universe. 

The Universe and entities are always around, always ready to help. Don't be afraid to ask them for their help. If I'm late for something, I'll routinely ask the Universe for help getting there safely and quickly. If I'm having trouble sleeping, I'll ask for help then, too. Whenever I'm struggling, I try to remember to ask for help. I don't always remember to, but when I do, it helps put me in the right frame of mind to keep going. 

What are you struggling with today that you could use help with? Write a note to the Universe, and be specific in what you are struggling with. Start a journal (and yes, they can read it even if it's shut.) Title the letter "Dear Universe" or "Dear God" "Dear Azna" -whomever you pray to and look for guidance. Write your troubles out. Then, let it go. Check back a week from now and see what has been resolved or if you feel better. I'm betting you will. You can also write a letter to your loved ones that have passed. You can ask them to send you a message, or just let them know you love them, they'll appreciate the note and definitely surround you. 

What can I help you with that you are struggling with? Is there anything that asking a message about would help make clear? Is there a loved one that you want to connect with that has passed over? Every question I answer, every reading I have, I am learning from. It is amazing what becomes clear when you open yourself up to the possibilities. Be well, friends. 

With love,


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