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09 Feb

It's funny how when you open yourself to the Universe and possibilities, you can truly hear the Divine. 

God. The Divine. The Universe. Whatever you call it- when you start to recognize how much God is playing a part in your life, it's almost like the energy quickens up, and love is able to break through. 

Today I had the privilege of connecting with someone in Spirit that had an amazing energy that was practically tangible. I could feel her spark through my entire body, and when I spoke for her, I could feel her love fly off into the Universe. She came through unexpectedly. An old friend and I were talking, and I was giving her some insights into her life. One insight led to another. It was apparent my friend missed her friend,  K very much. Immediately when I typed it, K  was there- ready and wanting to connect with her friend. K was insistent, and didn't seem to care that there was obviously a boundary separating herself and her friend. She needed to talk to her. I asked my friend if I could call her to facilitate the phone-tree that was obviously taking place, and soon there the two of them were- separated by a dimension I could feel there bond, feel the closeness they had shared for over thirty years. Without sounding too sappy (and I'm sure both of them would roll their eyes if they heard me describe it this way), it was beautiful. K's energy came through like a beam of light- aiming it right on my friend. 

When we first had started chatting, my friend was a bit resistant to a reading. She thought many psychics were hustlers, and she needed proof. I agreed with her that it was hard to give proof to people resistant of the idea. She's always had a hard edge to her, and I challenged her to show her vulnerability. By the time K made an appearance my friend had opened herself up a bit more. The more K referenced specific conversations they had had-things I couldn't have possibly have known, the more I could could feel my friend open up. Her pain was a hidden but open wound. K knew just what she needed. She sent her pure love and light. By doing so, my friend's light started to shine brighter. Even now, hours after the phone call, I can feel the energy from this spirit that had so much light in life. 

There is a concept in physics that explains how energy never goes away. It just changes shape. Any energy- emotional, physical, spiritual, it all behaves similar. Whatever you put out into the world and whatever you believe, is true. I know it sounds hokey pokey, but it has real scientific merit. When I am depressed, the energy that I send out is dark and muddled. What do you think the energy I receive is going to look like? It's not going to be light, because that's not what I am open to. It's going to be dark back. That's why it is so hard when we are depressed to get out of it. The deeper our depression goes, the harder it is. Even with all of the antidepressants in the world, you can't force someone to be happy. Why is that? 

Because it's energy based. 

I'm not advocating for throwing your meds away. Quite the opposite. Antidepressants and other medications are awesome, useful tools to use. But, if you are unwilling to open yourself up to happiness, you are definitely not going to receive it. 

If you think you are never going to amount to anything,  you won't. 

It's the same concept. A few years ago, I ran a lot of road races. Friends would participate in triathlons and would ask me to join them. "I'm not a swimmer" I would tell them. Because I had it set in my mind that I wasn't a swimmer and I never had been, I wouldn't be one. Then one day, I added a word to my statement. 

"I'm not a swimmer. Yet." 

That simple addition changed my thought pattern. I went from not swimming laps, to learning how to genuinely swim. I even participated in a triathlon. One word completely changed the course of events. 

If we believe it, we can achieve it. 

Another hokey pokey phrase that has more merit that we give credence to. If you think you can be successful, you will be. Thought patterns are amazing things, and they flow with energy. 

This past week I have gone back and forth on my faith in myself for creating this website and starting this business. I went from, "I'm not good at business" and "I'm not going to be able to sense people." and my energy flowed with that. I read someone last night and I felt stuck. Why was I stuck? Because I didn't have the faith in myself or abilities. This morning, I had a complete rebound. I chatted with a friend and all of the sudden, like a light switch- I was able to sense. My energy changed, and with it, the Universe adjusted and threw it back. 

We are our own worst enemies. 

What are you holding yourself back from? What energy are you sending out into the Universe? Whatever it is that you want- a new job, a partner, peace... say it. YELL IT. Believe it. Come back to me next week and next month. Tell me if it hasn't helped change things.

I know, the intellectuals are not going to like this blog. I'm sure my husband will have lots to say on what he thinks energy truly is. That's the thing

You really do genuinely have to believe this is going to work- that one word, one phrase, one-question, can change your life. My friend who I chatted with today was I'm sure rolling her eyes a bit in the beginning. But- when you allow yourself to be open-

Amazing things will happen. Don't trust me on that- trust yourself. 

With love,


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