Carrying your burden

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06 Feb

This afternoon I received my first purchase from this website- a question.  It was from a dear friend that I have known strictly online for over nine years. I was ecstatic, thankful, grateful, and happy. I knew I had to center myself to be able to read her though, and I took a few deep, calming breaths (it sounds so cheesy to say that, but it works), put on some relaxing music, and opened her email. 

As soon as I read her question, I immediately got a feeling of sadness. Her question was not a light-hearted one. Instead, it was raw, vulnerable, and honest. She was crying out for an answer, and trusted me, to give it to her. I looked at her photo and my heart went out to her. This would not be easy to tell her, but she needed the truth. She was asking for it. I had a responsibility to tell her what I felt. 

Words poured out of me as I responded back. She was not going to have an easy time ahead and her light was dim- but there was happiness ahead. I was sure of it. I finished the email and sent it off- back into the Universe. I immediately messaged her and let her know I had sent her a response. I wanted to say so much more to her- but she needed to digest my answer first. 

She messaged me soon afterwards. She affirmed what I felt was coming for her, and thanked me for being honest with her. I affirmed her and her light- a light I have seen so bright before, but lately has been not much more than a flicker. I told her I was there for her as a friend, and that she really will be okay- that I am positive of. 

It wasn't an easy email to type. It wasn't an easy conversation to have. Life is raw and hard. She's right in the middle of heavy life events. I am honored that she trusted me in to her head and heart. As we closed the conversation, it hit me (somewhat naively I suppose) that questions like the one she asked me are the ones that people really need the answers to. This is what I am signing up for when I created this website and I opened myself up to help. It would be easy to shrink away and say this is too heavy. But the truth is,

As others have carried my burdens on their shoulders,

So shall I carry your burdens on mine. 

I do it willingly, and with grace. Because we all need someone to lift the weight off. We all need someone to release our burdens to. 

What burden do you carry that you need help lifting off? How can I help you?

With love,


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