Are you ready to jump? Why would you want me to answer a question or do a reading for you?

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12 Feb

Usually I have a pretty good idea of what I want to blog about. Whether it is a recent reading I've done or some thought that's been swirling around in my head, it has been cathartic to get it out. Today I admit, I'm a little stuck with something. 

"A little" is putting it mildly, but I'll stick with that adjective as to not continue to feel overwhelmed with the question. 

Why would you pay me money to answer a question for you?

Why would you pay me money to do a reading?

There are no guarantees in intuition. I can't promise that I'll ever be ever to answer the question that is burning most in your brain. I can't promise to make you feel better, to take away your pain, to give you a reason to smile. I can't promise I am going to tell you anything you don't already know. That Aunt you so desperately want to connect with that has passed on? I can't guarantee she is going to be knocking at the door to talk to you when I do a reading. I've learned this first hand, but from your side. 

Three days after my daughter passed, we had a reading with an animal intuitive. It had been scheduled before she passed to prepare the animals for this special baby's arrival. We decided to keep the appointment to still check in with the pets. At first, I revealed nothing to the intuitive about my daughter. About halfway through, as she was giving me a health check on the animals- I stopped her. Tears spilled out as I asked her if she ever sensed people as well. I explained my daughter had just passed and I needed something, anything to hang on to. The intuitive tried to sense something for me. She picked up on our beloved Akita that had recently passed- this Akita was right by my side, protecting me as she had in life- but she couldn't sense my daughter. The reading ended and I still felt completely empty. It wasn't the intuitive's fault- my soul was so desperately grieving, and there was only one way to go- through. 

Looking back, I understand it wasn't the time for my daughter to come through. Her giving me a word only would have caused me more pain and grief. Interestingly enough, my daughter has never come through in a reading- but that's another story for another day. 

Sometimes- it isn't time for you to know something. Sometimes that relative you desperately want to connect with is either in another lifetime already (like my husband's Grandmother, who was beloved by all) or it isn't the place for you to connect. 

Going back to this question that I am struggling with. I've been asking myself, why would you open up your heart and ask me to read for you at all. This is my truth:

I have seen first hand relief come across my friend's face as I told her she was going to move, but that it would work out and not be for long.

I have heard laughter as I connected with a dear soul that had passed, and the friend that missed her so very much. 

I have been told I have brought them to tears. (I assume they are good tears, it was over email so I can't be exactly sure. If Jen wants to clarify what kind of tears I brought her to, that would perhaps make people feel a little better.) 

I have had eyebrows raised at me as I gave information that wasn't asked for, only 48 hours later to be messaged back with "What you said I got an email about. Oh my gosh." 

"I knew it in my heart. Thanks for supporting what I already felt." 

"What you're saying, other people have told me similar things. You are right on." 

"Thanks for letting me know so I can move on from waiting" 

These comments are just in the last week. One week. Seven separate, unique, experiences. 

Did One Question give comfort? Definitely. Did One Question change these people's lives? I think it has yet to be seen. 

I can't physically prove to you my abilities. Crystal balls are fantastic at giving you something to focus on and making it seem like I can physically see these thoughts. But, I don't do that. I'm just me-typing away on the keyboard, staring  at some far-off place while I receive information that feels like a stream of consciousness. If we're on the phone I'm usually doing the same- staring at something, seeing nothing, but feeling and hearing so much. 

I wish I could prove it to you before hand, like a "sneak-peak." I'd create a video for each one of you, provide images of things you are curious about, play some music that goes along with your question. 

But, I can't. And even if I could, there would't be that sacred connection that is in place when we talk.

That's my favorite thing. 

The information I receive, it's straight from God. There is something powerful and loving and enormous about that thought. I can't prove it comes from God- another solid thing I can't physically prove to any of you. 

But, is there any doubt? 

Faith. A reading or a question with me requires faith. 

Openness. Whatever I receive, whatever I give- it's unique to you. 

Non-judgement: We all make mistakes. We all do stupid things. It makes us human. I'm definitely not one to judge considering the life I've lived.

Confidentiality: Whatever you say. Whatever I say, it stays between us for me. Afterwards, feel free to tell the world about your experience with me. But me? I'll never tell. Call me the "keeper of secrets" It is my honor to do so. 

Why wouldn't you take the chance to find something out about yourself that the Universe wants you to know.

This is your chance to connect with the Universe. With God. With a higher Power. With that Uncle you so desperately loved and miss. Why wouldn't you take that chance? 

A few years ago my husband and I were taking a trip by ourselves. We were at the airport, and I was sobbing over missing my children. I called my friend in tears. "Nancy, you'll jump, but you'll scream the way down," She told me. I looked up to see a woman jumping off of a waterfall on the TV. 


When you book a question or a reading, you need to take that jump.  It's scary as hell the first time you do it, but it's the only way you'll ever know for sure. 

Are you ready to jump?

With love,

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