A hot mess Psychic Medium

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14 Nov

This was posted on my Facebook and Instagram accounts on 11/13.

I'm not a spiritual advisor. I am not affiliated with any religious group. I don't use cards, tea leaves, or look into a ball. I don't have silver hair or some odd birthmark that would indicate I was, "gifted" or "wise." 
When I'm exhausted, I yell at my kids and sometimes my husband. I've been married twice. I've had A LOT of boyfriends and even kissed some girls. I curse when I'm frustrated, mad, or trip over myself (which is a lot.) My library books are often overdue. (Sorry, mom.) I am three classes away from three different bachelor's degrees (Political Science, Women's Studies, and Criminology) and I don't plan on finishing my degrees. I ran for a very small political office in my town two years ago and lost. 
I am by all accounts, a mess. 
This is what ran through me last night as I couldn't sleep last night. I thought about psychic mediums and their "polished" photos, websites, and demeanors. Then, there is me. Completely and utterly fallible. 
Then I thought of the comment my client turned friend left yesterday on my photo below. "Strong looks Good on you!" She said. 
Then, today I went for a run with someone I greatly admire. I was telling him how I couldn't run distance anymore [due to a medical condition], and that I'm happy just getting out the door. "You're persistent." He said. "You haven't given up." 
I don't think of myself as persistent, and the truth of the matter is, I've given up plenty of times. 

So why would you trust me with your innermost thoughts and fears? 

Because I've been where you are.
I've been in the grips of despair, wanting to die rather than face grief (when my 2nd daughter died.) 
I've been in a dead-end marriage.
I've had to deal with scary medical stuff with my children.
I've been the mean girl, but I've also been the one that's been bullied. 
I've held enough pills in my hand, wanting to swallow them and give up. 
I've cut myself to not face emotion. 
I was molested as a child. (Now we're getting really personal.) 
I've had to fight off a date trying to rape me, only to not report it because I didn't believe it happened. 
I've dropped out of school.
I've lived paycheck to paycheck. 
I've had undiagnosed medical conditions, exploratory surgeries, and plenty of doctor's visits. 
I've had unexplained anxieties and depression where I couldn't get out of bed.
And yet,
I'm thriving in the chaos of a life I've created. I haven't given up (I even have it tattooed on my arm, zoom in on the photo and you'll see.) 
I created my website because I want to help people get through to the other side of all of the crap life is throwing at them. I'm not doing it get famous, to hear gossip, or to take advantage. 
Why in the world would God give someone like me these abilities? 
Because I get it. 
Let's get through this life together. 
If you're hesitating about booking a reading, tell me why.
If you think I'm a crock, I want to hear that, too. (I can take it!)
If you're a client that's had a reading, feel free to share your experience. 
This isn't about ME.
This is about WE.
We can either just be alive or we can THRIVE.
What do you want to do?
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