Inspired by recent events: New Podcast up and- a challenge to everyone. On this episode, I bring up a 💯 day challenge that will be starting this Wednesday the 7 of August.

☯️ The challenge: Every single day put INTENTIONAL kindness into your community. You can choose to do this anonymously but it must be PURPOSEFUL. 🚸🚯🧹

Think Globally. Act locally. 🌞🌔

👥 Invite your family, children & friends to join you in this challenge, starting 👥

🔛 📅 This Wednesday August 7
and ending 
Friday November 15 🔚

📝 Your homework: invest in a new notebook and start listing ways you can put kindness in your community. Ensure success by setting a time of day (I.e. 3pm) to perform this kindness. Have back-up ideas (from brainstorming in your notebook) if it gets late in the day so you can still do something. 🕰🛌📝

We will have an on-going thread on FB for chatting about that challenge, brainstorming ideas, and sharing your act of kindness (if you’d like.) 💻

🗣This challenge is MEANT TO BE SHARED 🗣

👫👭👬Get your spouse, children, and friends to join in. (Even my 4.5 year old is doing it.) They don’t have to believe in that, “really odd intuitive lady” 🦹🏼‍♀️ They just have to want to put kindness into the world. 🌎
(Tag friends below to get them involved.)

Any questions on the challenge? 
Reach me on social media or through email:
I hope you’ll join me.🙏

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